NexGang is a cloud service capability which expands the range of functionality of NexMan e-doorman solutions.

This service is available to any Building which has implemented NexMan.

The Nexelent Automation would lease the whole service capability platform to partners enabling them to provide NexCloud service to their buildings & charge for the service.

Our partners include:

  • Property managers
  • Property Management companies
  • Technology providers & system integrators
  • Affiliates / Building Owners

When NexCloud is added to NexMan solution; In the event, a package delivery company arrives at the apartment & push the buzzer for a tenant, NexMan will alert the tenant (package owner) through the video phone at tenant’s home or if not available direct the call to their SMART phone. This is standard functionality of NexMan.

However, if that building has subscribed to NexCloud services & the tenant fails to respond to the delivery person the call would be answered by NexCloud operator.

The NexCloud operator would authenticate delivery personnel; gets details of the package and matches it with tenant information on NexCloud portal. At this stage delivery is allowed into the package room, being escorted with the surveillance camera for NexCloud operator’s eyes on the subject.