The next generation electronic Doorman


NexMan Offers next generation communication & Control systems for Buildings.

The functionalities include but are not limited to:

  • Internet-enabled & multimedia visitor door phone management system

  • Elevator Control & floor by floor secure access

  • Tenant package (UPS,DHL,Fedex …) acceptance & notification system

  • Building service Providers(BC Hydro, Internet & Cable Companies, Handyman) Access control system


NexMan Combines IP Technology with physical & Electronic Security to deliver a robust System that improves communication for Tenants, Guests & Visitors.

Design flexibility, ease of use & simple installation makes it ideal for security in Residential & Commercial buildings as well as offices & public buildings.

NexMan offers next generation entry control and monitoring solution. NexMan combines IP technology with industry standard access and physical security to delivering systems that improve communication & security for tenants, guests, and visitors. NexMan ’s flexibility, ease of use and simple installation makes it ideal for enhancing  accessibility & security easily  with minimum cost.